In this level, students will start to master single-digit additions and subtractions, and will learn to do 2-digit additions with carry over and 2-digit subtractions with borrowing.

Students will be able to solve simple problems that involve money, date, time, temperature, weight and length. They will also be able to identify and apply addition and subtraction to solve analytical problems. They will be comfortable with place value and geometric shapes. Picture algebra will be introduced.

Students will be exposed to select Continental Math problems. They will be solving over 500 word problems in the school year.


Master single digit additions, subtractions.
Goal: 100 single digit operations in 5 mins.
Two digit additions with carry over.
Two digit subtraction with borrowing.


Read time on an analog clock.
Operations with times, add/subtract hours and minutes from a given time.


Days in a year, months in a year, concept of leap year.
Number of days in every month. Number of days in a week.
Operations with days of the weeks and dates.


Value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.
Add/subtract money.


Even and odd numbers.
Place Value until thousands.
Count by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s.
Comparison of numbers up to 1,000.


Basic concepts about length and weight.
Number of inches in a foot.
Number of ounces in a pound.


Different polygon shapes.

Tally Charts

Use tally charts to solve problems.

Tally Charts

Use tally charts to solve problems.

TPicture Algebra

Use tally charts to solve problems.