Alpha is the beginning step for our young children who are ready to explore and have fun with numbers! Alpha meets once a week for 75 minutes. This level introduces children to mathematics in a fun filled way. In this level, students will be taught single-digit addition / subtraction. We will start by getting the children comfortable

counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and then understand addition and subtraction while playing with blocks and other toys. We will be introducing them to simple word problems, which a child still learning to read will be able to solve.

They will learn about the clock, calendar, simple measurement and overall will get exposed to various logical puzzles and challenges.

Like our other levels, students will get a weekly homework and have classbooks to work on during class time. The focus in this level will be more visual and game like with clear goals. At the end of the level, these students should be able to complete 75 additions/subtractions in 5 minutes. They will learn the concept of place value, and will also familiarize themselves with geometric shapes.

The students will solve around 200 word problems in the school year.


Single digit additions and subtractions with pictures which will to then evolve to digits.

Goal: 75 single digit operations in 5 mins.


Read time on an analog clock.

Add/subtract 5/10/20/30 minutes


Days in a year, months in a year.

Number of days in every month. Number of days in a week.


Value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.


Even and odd numbers.
Place Value until thousands.
Count by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s.
Comparison of numbers up to 1,000.


Basic concepts about length and weight.
Number of inches in a foot.
Number of ounces in a pound.


Different polygon shapes.

200+ Word Problems

Problems that involve additions/subtractions.
Problems involving time/calendar.
Problems that use properties of numbers and/or place value.
Problems involving money.