• ♦ Classes meet  once a week. If a student misses a class, the student is responsible for covering the class book pages at home. The student can come and ask for help in the next class during lab if needed.
  • ♦ Student can attend an alternative class on a different day with a 24 hour advance notice provided there is room in that class. Three such changes are allowed per school year at no cost to you. Every subsequent change will incur a fee (specified in tuition page), payable the day of the class.

Class Unit Booklets

  • ♦ Classwork material will be given out as yellow booklets. These are for the students to keep. Students should bring the latest yellow booklet to class every week.
  • ♦ There is a $60 replacement fee for lost class booklets.


  • ♦ Homework booklet will be given out every week.
  • ♦ Corrected homework will be given back to the student the following week to take home and discuss it with the parents. Homework corrections will be reviewed.
  • ♦ The previous week’s corrected homework and the new completed homework have to be turned in to get a new homework.
  • ♦ Homework turned in late / incomplete will not be corrected.
  • ♦ If a student misses a class, parents are responsible for dropping the hwk for correction, and picking up the new homework. Homework that doesn’t get picked up, will not be given out at a later time as only one new homework per week is given.


  • ♦ Tests will be held thrice a year to evaluate the students progress in their classes. Test scores and homework performance will help judge the student’s readiness for the next level and also adjust current class’ pace.
  • ♦ Test schedule is posted in our website. It is not mandatory for the student to take the test but it is highly recommended. If the student cannot take the test on the posted date, the student can take the test on a different available date for a fee (specified in our tuition tab).
  • ♦ Every test will include all material taught since the beginning of the year.


  • ♦ ThinkForFun does not believe in a commitment policy. We want to have students who enjoy coming to ThinkForFun and parents who believe that their children are spending their time productively.
  • ♦ If you do quit the program in the middle of the year, we will refund any unused tuition prorated by sessions attended. A 30 day notice is required to quit the program.
  • ♦ If the student wants to return to TFF the following year, he/she will have to take a placement test. There is a $200 assessment fee to conduct the test.
  • ♦ If the student comes back to the same level he/she dropped out of, no test is required.

Center closures

  • ♦ ThinkForFun will be closed for Thanksgiving break, Christmas, NH vacation weeks and Memorial day weekend.
  • ♦ Emails will be sent out for snow day closures. Make up sessions will be held during lab time the following week.

Drop off / Pick up from ThinkForfun

  • ♦ Students can be dropped off up to 10 mins before classes start and picked up up to 10 mins after classes end.
  • ♦ Late pickup (10 mins after classes end) will cost the parent $5 for every minute you are late.