Bytes is an introduction to programming class geared for middle school students. The students will learn to build flow charts, algorithms and pseudo code. They will implement the pseudo code in Python. They will learn about data structures, arrays, lists and strings. Will learn about FOR loops, WHILE loops and recursion.They will learn about various sorting algorithms, and we will start introducing the students to define the complexity of an algorithm (linear vs non-linear). Will solve various kinds of problems using small programs. We will be solving many simple mathematical problems with code. Towards the second half of the school year, students will get exposure to HTML. Weekly homework will be assigned, and the student will be spending 30 minutes to an hour in that homework. The homework will most of the time consist of writing a program. The class will meet for 90 minutes every week. Students should bring a laptop to class.

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We will update a sample project in the coming months.