Kappa Pre Algebra ...

In this level, students will be able to quickly assess the validity of
their answers using divisibility rules. They will be able to solve
complex operations involving any operations with fractions. Decimals,
percentages and operations with negative numbers will be easy to them. They will be doing complex expression evaluations and will be able to apply various problem solving techniques.

Students will study exponents, prime factorization and will be applying LCM/GCF to problem solving. They will learn about arithmetic sequences andhow to find the sum of a sequence.

Solving word problems by composing complex linear equations will be the main target of this level. These problems can involve decimals/percentages.

They will be able to solve multi step problems that involve measurements, data grouping, factors, multiples, calendar and time. Complex word problems involving fractions and geometry will keep the students excited. Students will be able to draw and build prisms, pyramids, cylinders and cones. They will be able to use geometric sets and a compass and will solve problems using Venn Diagrams.

Students in this class will excel in the pre algebra class in school.

Students will be solving a wide range of over 500 problems that could cover problems from Continental Math, Math League, Math Olympiads, AMC8 and MATHCOUNTS.


All kinds of operations with fractions and simplification of complex expressions.
All kinds of operations with decimals.
Operations with percentages.
Conversion from fractions to decimals to percentages and viceversa.

Number Theory

Compute expressions involving addition/ multiplication
of negative numbers.
Order of operations.
Divisibility Rules.
Prime factorization.
LCM/GCF problems.

Problem Solving Techniques

No more box method, any problem that could be solved using box method should be now solved using only algebra.
Trial and error to solve problems involving 2 variables.
Learn graphical approach to solve problems that involve fractions.
These problems will be real complicated using algebra, but can besolved easily graphically.


Given complex word problems involving fractions and percentages, solve these using one variable equations.
Use distributive property while solving complex linear equations.


 Area/Perimeter of complex figures.
Volume of prisms.
Build prisms and pyramids.
Types of triangles and their properties.
Learn to draw different kinds of triangle using a geometric set.

Arithmetic Sequences

Find the general term of an arithmetic sequence.
Find the sum of an arithmetic sequence.
Given random terms of an arithmetic sequence find
other terms.

500+ Word Problems

 Problems involving fractions/decimals/percentages.
Problems that require setting up linear equations.
Arithmetic sequence problems.
Rule of three problems.
Average speed problems.
LCM/GCF problems.
Divisibility problems.
Number theory problems.