Lambda Algebra I ...

Lambda is the most important and most difficult class in ThinkForFun. Students that complete Lambda with a final score of 90 or above, will be able to score more than 600 in the SAT Math section.The SAT Math section will become very trivial after students complete this level successfully.

Lambda covers all the concepts in Algebra I in a lot of detail and depth; students will be solving all sorts of problems involving line equations, parallel/perpendicular lines, will be able to find distances between point and line, between points, mid points etc. They will also master absolute value eqautions,  absolute value inequatilites, 1/2-variable inequalities. ratios and proportions, average, arithmetic sequences and all associated word problems will become second nature to kids in Lambda. They will learn about scientific notation, they will work on complex expressions with exponents, they will learn to solve exponential equations, they will learn about the various types of numbers, rational vs irrational, and will learn to rationalize expressions. They will be able to find the prime factorization of any number, and consequently use it to find root of numbers.

Lambda students will work with polynomials. They will learn to add/subtract/multiply and divide polynomials. They will learn about quadratic equations and their factoring. Most importantly they will learn to solve word problems that are modeled through quadratic equations. Students will review some basic Geometry concepts that were introduced in the previous level Kappa; triangle inequality theorem, complement/supplement angles, volume, surface area, diagonals of polygons, sum of the interior angles of a polygon, etc.

Students will be solving over 500 problems that could cover problems
from Continental Math, Math League, Math Olympiads, AMC8, AMC10 and MATHCOUNTS.

Number Theory

Review Order of operations applied to complex expressions.Operations with Exponents.
Distributive property applied to complex expressions.
Learn about rational vs irrational numbers.
Convert a repeating decimal into a fraction.


Use distributive property while solving complex linear equations.
Substitution/Elimination method to solve system of 2-variableequations.
Solve word problems by composing a set of 2-variable equations,
problems could involve mixtures, age, speed, number theory etc.
Compute expression evaluation, where values can involve decimals,
fractions (possitive and negative).
Solve linear equations involving absolute value.
Solve linear inequalities (involving absolute value).
Problems applying quadratic equations.


 Complex expression evaluation involving fractions and/or decimals.
Operations with percentages.
Conversion from fractions to decimals to percentages and viceversa.
Operations with ratios.


 Scientific Notation
Fractional exponents
Exponential equations
Simplify complex exponentail expresions


Operations with Polynomails
Factoring of second degree polynomials
Operations with Binomials
Pascal triangle and expansion of powers of binomails
Quadratic formula

Equation of a line

Define a line given 2 points.
Define a line given the slope and a point.
Horizontal/vertical lines and their slopes.
Distance between two points.
Slope of parallel lines.
Slope of perpendicular lines.
Draw a line given two points, or given a point and the slope.
Problems involving the various line concepts.

Metric System

Convert from metric to US customary.
Convert quantities in the metric system.
Solve problems involving metric system quantities.

500+ Word Problems

  Problems involving fractions, decimals and/or percentages.
Problems that require setting up system of linear equations.
Arithmetic sequence problems.
Average problems.
Rule of three and THINK 1 problems.
Average speed problems.
Ratio problems.
Quadractic equation problems
Some geometry problems